Sunday feels

Today has been a beautiful, warm, sunny day and even though we've been having a few of those lately, after the long winter, I seems to never be enough. This past week has been pretty difficult and I'm glad to take this time tonight to reflect on those things that are making me happy despite it all and giving me strength and hope to look to the busy week ahead. 

  • This week marked the end of the hockey season with newly crowned Washington Capitals as the 2018 Stanley Cup Champions. It's no secret that I'm a huge hockey fan and although Montreal Canadians blood runs through my veins, I can appreciate the finals we just witnessed. First, as their first year as an NHL team and even though it's heart wrenching to lose in the finals, the Las Vegas Golden Knights can be proud of themselves. Second, I'm kind of glad the Caps won. Since the team was created (back 44 years ago), they have been waiting and working for this moment. And team captain Alex Ovechkin (no 8) more than deserved his Cup. He's always been a great player, but in recent years, he's let go of his individualistic way of playing for better team work. And as a captain, it has impacted the rest of the team and I think it's probably one of the many reason why the Caps are now Champions. But Ovechkin started his NHL career with the Caps thirteen years ago and no doubt will finish his career (who is getting close to the end) with them, so it was quite something to see him receive the Cup. To finally get what you've worked so hard to get, the ultimate goal and dream of any hockey player. His face says it all. The emotion is raw and 100% real and I can't help but tear up a little every time I watch this video
  • Summer is here! which mean summer clothes! I recently bought this really cute white and blue stripped dress and I love it! Not only is it pretty but it's super comfortable and the cut ensure I can eat as much ice cream and french fries as I like! And it was quite cheap. 
  • I've been binge watching Spanish period drama shows on Netflix. I don't speak Spanish. I have to put the english subtitles and I have this hope that by soaking up so much Spanish, one day I'll simply be fluent enough to forgo the subtitles. I know, this makes me kind of strange. But here's my top three: Gran Hotel (this is the first one I watch. It got me hook. If you love Downtown Abbey, you'll definitely like it), Las Chicas del Cablo (first started watching this one because Yon Gonzalez discovered in Gran Hotel, also stars in this one), and finally, Velvet (sorry, the trailer for this one had no subtitles). 

What has made you smile this week? What makes you look forward to the coming days? 

Sunday Feels

A few things that are making me happy on this beautiful Sunday....

  • I came across this amazing video while reading this post from fellow blogger The Stripe. Both, her text and the video resonate so much with me. This is so powerful and I need to do better at remembering that. #ineverexpire
  • And while we're on the topic of video, have you seen this father and son duo performance on Britain's Got Talent? I don't really follow those kind of shows, but every once in a while, I'll come across one of those wonderful performance that just needs to be shared again and again. These two are simply adorable and incredibly talented. 
  • Got my season pass for Maison Lavande in the mail this week. So excited about all the visits to the lavendar fields I can picture in my future! 

What about you? What's making you happy today?

Marché de Mai

After getting up at dawn to watch the Royal Wedding online (Meghan looked absolutely beautiful!), I had a blast visiting the Marché de Mai taking place in Montréal over the weekend. A gathering of so many different artist and craftsman offering a display of jewelry, plants, beauty products, coffees and chocolates and jams, clothing, pottery, and so many more. 

I was super excited to visit the stand of Habi Habi. A tiny company based in Montreal, they produce vegetal dye from plants they grow themselves. Their stand offered the "carré", a big square piece of linen dyed with some of their plants. They also offered some plants ready for use as a dying agent as well as a few tiny bottles of vegetal ink. I am so happy with my blue "carré", dyed with japanese indigo. 


Although I didn't buy anything (yet!), I fell in love with the work of jewelry maker Lucie Veilleux. All her pieces were extremely well done, but what got me was her nature and forest inspired jewelry. You can purchase her pieces on her etsy shop. Go take a look! 

Photographe taken from Lucie Veilleux's website. 

Photographe taken from Lucie Veilleux's website. 

Another discovery for me was La Cuisine par Marie-Ève Langlois. I tasted a spread of salted caramel and fresh vanilla that was to die for! And I was pleasantly surprised by a spread of sunflower seeds and dark chocolate (new product exclusive for the Marché but you can find the milk chocolate version is just as good). Without being told, no one could guess that it's a butter made of sunflower seeds. It was delicious! 

Photographe taken from La Cuisine's website.

Photographe taken from La Cuisine's website.

I always enjoy being able to buy from local artists. And it's always so much fun to be able to discover new artists, new products. Looking forward to many more markets and fairs throughout the summer! 

What about you? Who is your favorite local shop or artist?