Marché de Mai

After getting up at dawn to watch the Royal Wedding online (Meghan looked absolutely beautiful!), I had a blast visiting the Marché de Mai taking place in Montréal over the weekend. A gathering of so many different artist and craftsman offering a display of jewelry, plants, beauty products, coffees and chocolates and jams, clothing, pottery, and so many more. 

I was super excited to visit the stand of Habi Habi. A tiny company based in Montreal, they produce vegetal dye from plants they grow themselves. Their stand offered the "carré", a big square piece of linen dyed with some of their plants. They also offered some plants ready for use as a dying agent as well as a few tiny bottles of vegetal ink. I am so happy with my blue "carré", dyed with japanese indigo. 


Although I didn't buy anything (yet!), I fell in love with the work of jewelry maker Lucie Veilleux. All her pieces were extremely well done, but what got me was her nature and forest inspired jewelry. You can purchase her pieces on her etsy shop. Go take a look! 

 Photographe taken from Lucie Veilleux's website. 

Photographe taken from Lucie Veilleux's website. 

Another discovery for me was La Cuisine par Marie-Ève Langlois. I tasted a spread of salted caramel and fresh vanilla that was to die for! And I was pleasantly surprised by a spread of sunflower seeds and dark chocolate (new product exclusive for the Marché but you can find the milk chocolate version is just as good). Without being told, no one could guess that it's a butter made of sunflower seeds. It was delicious! 

 Photographe taken from La Cuisine's website.

Photographe taken from La Cuisine's website.

I always enjoy being able to buy from local artists. And it's always so much fun to be able to discover new artists, new products. Looking forward to many more markets and fairs throughout the summer! 

What about you? Who is your favorite local shop or artist?

Sunday Feels

Some people talk about the Sunday blues. But before that reality of a Monday morning just around the corner, Sundays are a great thing! That lazy morning with good coffee, taking my time getting myself ready, church and getting to focus on the things that matter (and lucky for me, my church starts at 10h30!), late lunch and afternoon nap. This Sunday was particularly good as I just sat outside soaking up the sun for the first time this spring. All good things! 

So as the day is drawing to a close, I just wanted to share some things that help me keep that good feeling just a little while longer. 

  • I fell in love with Calum Scott and his song You Are The Reason. I didn't think it could get any better until I came across this artist from Quebec and his daughter singing it as a duet. Listen to it and tell me what you think!  
  • My Sunday beauty ritual. Like every night, I treat my face with the Rose Trio from Maison Jacynthe, but on Sundays, I add exfoliation and face mask to the routine. And then hands and feet get treated with this wonderful coco & mint salt exfoliant from Senseaura. Both Maison Jacynthe and Senseaura are companies from Quebec, offering 100% natural beauty product. Who doesn't love to #buylocal! 

What is making you happy this Sunday?  

What's saving my life right now!

As I was reading through the list of blogs I try my best to keep up with, I came across this post from Modern Mrs. Darcy. For a while now, I've been working on my outlook on life. Making an habit of finding the good even when my first instinct would be to just sit on what seems to me to be a mountain of gloomy. So her post really resonated with me this morning and after I fell into the rabbit hole of going through the links of so many others that made similar lists, I just had to be part of this too! 

So here's what's saving my life right now! 

Candles & twinkly lights

There is something so soothing about the light of a candle. The simple process of striking a match and lighting the candle is already removing most of the day's stress. The soft, glowing light will do the rest. And bonus if it's a sented candle!  And then twinkly lights are just happy lights. Lighting them just automatically bright joy into the room! 


My job

I recently started working for Maison Jacynthe. An amazing company that promotes healthy and green living providing people with inspiration, recipe, information to simply live better. And they offer a line of beauty product and make-up all natural, vegan, not tested on animals and that are incredibly amazing for your skin. Working there is a dream! And all the products smell soooo good! The entire working day is like an aromatherapy experience. Even when the day is going at a hundred miles an hour, I still manage to feel zen! And then, I get to take that aromatherapy home with me with those amazing product. And did I mention that all those little bottles are super pretty? 



The presence of my cat sleeping on my lap as I type this is incredibly peaceful. And then as I live in an inter-generation house with my parents, my mom's dog greets me with her sweet excited little face every morning as I prepare my coffee and every evening as I get home from work. And if that communicating door is closed, she'll cry in front of it until I open it and let her say hello. 

Hot things

Like coffee and tea. Or chicken broth and soups. And my old fashioned hot water bottle and my big wool blanket that was woven by my great-grandmother. When it's that cold outside, being warm and cozy is of the utmost importance. 


I had an "almost" cold back in early December but I've otherwise been healthy so far. Being sick is such a miserable state, and so many around me are sick. I really take my health as a gift! And speaking of which, I've recently started the Plexus Journey (for those who've heard that sentence before!). I'm still a little skeptical but I'm taking lots of note of the process and will let you know what comes out of this experiment! 

Of course, there are so many other little things that help save my life every day, but those are the main ones. What about you? Have you ever stopped to think about what it is that saves you're life right now? 

101 things in 1001 days

I've always loved making lists. It gives me a sense of knowing what I'm doing and of being organized, a certain control over where my life is going (even if it's just the steps for my Saturday morning cleaning blitz). On the other hand, I've always strongly disliked New Year's resolutions. They always seemed like the perfect set up for failure. 

That being said, when I first stumbled upon the concept of making a list of 101 things to do in 1001, I absolutely loved the idea. It was a list. It could cover deep life changing stuff, but also fun stuff and completely random, simple, everyday life stuff. 1001 days amounts to just a little over two years and half, which to me, seems like a much more realistic time frame for doing things. And it can be started at any point in time and doesn't bear the weight of the traditional New Year list. I just knew I'd have to come up with my own. So about a year and half after reading my first 101 in 1001 list (I'm sorry that I don't remember on whose blog I first read about this!), here's my own! 

My 101 things in 1001 days list


Start date: November 25, 2017                                                                                                                                           End date: August 22, 2020


Health & Wellness

1. Implement & keep a workout routine (2-3 times/week) for one month

2. Keep seasonal depression in check (without having to use medication)

3. Loose 40lbs

4. Start Plexus

5. Maintain a daily meditation habit for six months in row

6. Take a yoga class

7. Go to the spa

8. Maintain a morning routine (5 days/week) for two months - bonus if they're consecutive

9. Have an unplugged day / digital detox day per month for six months in a row

10. Create my own birthday happy tradition to help me enjoy it more

11. Drink water everyday for a month

12. For a month (5 days/week) get up a little earlier and go for a walk

13. Create a nighttime routine and follow it for a month (5 days/week)

14. Develop a healthy reward system for myself

15. Get a manicure

16. Do 20 squats 5 days/week for 4 consecutive months



17. Visit Scotland & Ireland

18. Travel with my sister

19. Go on a cruise

20. Visit a new-to-me place at least once every six months 

21. Roadtrip to Florida, stopping to see friends along the way

22. Go camping

23. Visit New Orleans

24. Go hiking in the Adirondacks

25. See the northern lights

26. Write a list of the 101 places I want to visit the most

27. Go to Disney

28 Fly first class

29. Travel with Mom & Dad


Work & Blog

30. Have my blog somewhat established & making some income

31. Manage & accompany one group per year

32. Build my Instagram following to 500 followers

33. Collaborate with a brand I love

34. Post to the blog a minimum of once a week for 6 consecutive months

35. Be a guest writer on someone else’s blog

36. Comment on at least 5 different blogs during the week for one month

37. Blog about each completed item on this list

38. Gain 100 followers on my blog

39. Create an editorial calendar

40. Create a printable or e-tutorial for the blog

41. Come up with a signature series for the blog

42. Achieve Platinum level at my job

43. Set-up a functional and working home office



44. Improve my photography

45. Set-up an online photography shop

46. Sell at least one

47. Create my own Christmas cards

48. Improve my calligraphy skills

49. Go to a photography exhibit

50. Create a gallery wall at home

51. Make a photo series that includes 20+ photographes

52. Make a Black & White photo series

53. Make a timelapse video

54. Take a self-portrait for  the next 1001 days

55. Participate in some sort of Instagram challenge (one-photo a day type thing)

56. Take one of Alexandre Champagne’s cell phone photography class



57. Be half-way through with repaying my student loan

58. Have my taxes squared away

59. Create a realistic budget that I can actually follow for more than three months

60. Do a no-spend month

61. Put aside $25 for every accomplished item on this list

62. Keep track of monthly expenses, personal and work related

63. Have $5 000 in my emergency saving account


Giving back

64. Invest in the Operation Christmas Child non-profit

65. Sponsor a child with World Vision 

66. Go on a delivery trip with Operation Christmas Child to hand out the gift-filled shoe boxes


Friends & Family

67. Plan & execute Mom’s 60th birthday party (preferably before her 61st birthday)

68. Send good morning notes for a month to friend(s) who might need encouraging

69. Give or send ten care packages/gifts to people, just because

70. Send an encouraging note/card to someone once a month

71. Travel to surprise someone on a birthday or special occasion

72. Have flower delivered to five people

73. Host a tea party


Personal & Random Odd Stuff

74. Learn Spanish

75. Write a novel (at least a working draft)

76. Knit myself a sweater (a nice one)

77. Read one book per month

78. Try bullet journaling

79. Make a shift in my wardrobe toward a more classic, sustainable and better quality clothing

80. Start playing piano weekly again 

81. See Ed Sheeran in concert

82. Find a podcast I like

83. Learn to identify five constellation

84. Go to a live hockey game

85. Learn how to do a proper smokey eye

86. Identify 101 things that make me happy

87. Attend Prayer Conference at EIG

88. Watch a sunrise on the ocean

89. Watch a sunset on the ocean

90. Watch every Audrey Hepburn movies

91. Go to the Miracle Deluxe (the pop-up Christmas bar) in Montreal

92. Buy a Michael Kors wallet/handpurse

93. Choose a word/verse/quote of the year 

94. Make a list of my ten favorite quotes

95. Visit the Finnegan’s Market in Hudson

96. Buy five album of music I actually like (iTune album counts)

97. TBA

98. TBA

99. TBA

100. TBA

101. Make a new list of 101 things to do in 1001 days!