It's the most wonderful time of the year!

When it comes to Christmas, I tend to go a little crazy. The family time and traditions, the cooking and decorating of the whole house and not just the tree, the presents and the love they represent, the playing outside and cozying up afterward with hot chocolate and cheezy Christmas movies; it's never long enough! 

This year, I went with a homemade theme for my tree. I made cinnamon ornaments (they smell sooo good!), dried orange ornaments with cranberry, cinnamon stick and bay leaves, and my sister helped me make a popcorn and cranberry garland that is long enough to wrap around the whole tree! And of course, a million multicolored lights! I also made a Christmas gallery wall with a bunch of prints and christmassy washi tape. My coffee table is covered with a mountain of clementines and every other free space is used for candles of all sort, mostly plain, but with a few pine scented ones here and there. 

And then the food.... As per tradition, I'll be making my soft salted caramel candy. I have to wait until the last minute otherwise I'd eat it all before having the opportunity to share. I've also tried my hand at homemade mint marshmallow dipped in chocolate (to use as hot chocolate topping). Fruit cake is also on the horizon as well as homemade turtles. And last but not least, I've given a try to making my own Irish Cream with the result that I might never buy a bottle of Baileys ever again. 

I'm so excited to start wrapping all the presents stuffed in closets all over the house. The tree is never fully complete until there are present underneath! 

Take a look at a few picture of what my Christmas looks like so far! And a very Happy Christmas to all!