The reason I write

When my soul is in turmoil, words on a sheet of paper helps make sense of everything. Written words somehow have this way of grounding me. By writing, I find peace. I make sense out of what doesn't make sense, at least for myself.

Lately, my soul has been just too tired to even write. The effort required to put words down on paper has been too much to ask. But as I result, I lost a little of myself. My soul has been pushed around, overwhelmed by the weight of life. Kind of drowning actually.

So I've decided that I would write again. Even if it's only a few lines. After all, I do need to get started somewhere! And maybe it will enable me to grab hold of that anchor that writing has always been before. I'll be writing about the craziness that goes on in my head and about things and people that I find beautiful. I'll be writing about projects to accomplish and delicious food to cook. I'll be writing about traveling and family and friends. Basically, I'll be writing about what is on my mind in an effort to find and remember the light and beauty present in my life. That light and beauty I tend to so easily forget. That light and beauty that comes back to me when I write. 

Welcome to my rambling! Welcome to Jordane's Corner!