Music obsession of the week

They say that imitation is one of the highest form of admiration one can give. Maybe that's the reason why covers fascinate me. I'm not talking about some dingy cover made by a fan in their basement (although some can sometime be surprising). I'm talking about someone, taking an already hugely successful song and making it into something different, new, beautiful. Yet, it remains the same song. 

I currently have this classic song playing on a loop in my office. Stand By Me by Bootstraps. Cover of the song by Ben E. King originally recorded in 1961 and a song that don't need anymore introduction that this. I'm in love. 

But that's not the only song I'm currently obsessing over. This one isn't what I'd call a classic, but it has been quite the hit ever since it came out in 2013 (and I can hear my brother roll his eyes at my choice of mainstream music...). Although I like the band and the original song, this cover just transforms it into something else. Something beautifully haunting. Radioactive by Koda. Cover of the song by Imagine Dragons.

Hope you'll enjoy both those songs as much as I did. Let me know what you think. Do you have any favorite cover?