Strawberry Jam

Ruby red goodness in tiny jars. That's what I made today. After my morning coffee, I walked over to the farmer's market a few street over from my apartment and after some enlightening discussion with the producer over which kind of strawberry is better for jam making, I purchased a carton of twelve pints of fresh, Quebec-grown, summer strawberries. What they call fall strawberries, were also available, but, as was explained to me, they contain more water and will need more cooking to reach the jam consistency, leaving little to no fruit in the jam itself. I wanted chunk of strawberries in my jam, which is why I went with the summer variety. 

I came back home and scoured the internet for a good recipe that did not involved pectine. I wanted to go the old fashion way! I found this recipe that I liked. Of course, I didn't follow it exactly because what fun would that be?! But as I haven't tested the final product just yet, I can't guarantee that my tweaking were a good idea. 

I ended up rounding up the amount of strawberries. I put three pints which amounts to 2 1/4 pound (vs. the 2 pound required by the recipe), for the same amount of sugar and lemon. I let it sit for about three hours total before cooking it. I found that I needed much more than the 10-15 minutes cooking specified in the recipe. Maybe because I had more strawberries? Anyhow, I took me more about 45 minutes before I got it to a consistency I liked. It made a lot of foam, but I never skimmed it and by the end, it went away all by itself. 

Now, I'll have to go back to the market to buy a big loaf of fresh bread to test that jam. I can't wait to taste it!!