What's saving my life right now!

As I was reading through the list of blogs I try my best to keep up with, I came across this post from Modern Mrs. Darcy. For a while now, I've been working on my outlook on life. Making an habit of finding the good even when my first instinct would be to just sit on what seems to me to be a mountain of gloomy. So her post really resonated with me this morning and after I fell into the rabbit hole of going through the links of so many others that made similar lists, I just had to be part of this too! 

So here's what's saving my life right now! 

Candles & twinkly lights

There is something so soothing about the light of a candle. The simple process of striking a match and lighting the candle is already removing most of the day's stress. The soft, glowing light will do the rest. And bonus if it's a sented candle!  And then twinkly lights are just happy lights. Lighting them just automatically bright joy into the room! 


My job

I recently started working for Maison Jacynthe. An amazing company that promotes healthy and green living providing people with inspiration, recipe, information to simply live better. And they offer a line of beauty product and make-up all natural, vegan, not tested on animals and that are incredibly amazing for your skin. Working there is a dream! And all the products smell soooo good! The entire working day is like an aromatherapy experience. Even when the day is going at a hundred miles an hour, I still manage to feel zen! And then, I get to take that aromatherapy home with me with those amazing product. And did I mention that all those little bottles are super pretty? 



The presence of my cat sleeping on my lap as I type this is incredibly peaceful. And then as I live in an inter-generation house with my parents, my mom's dog greets me with her sweet excited little face every morning as I prepare my coffee and every evening as I get home from work. And if that communicating door is closed, she'll cry in front of it until I open it and let her say hello. 

Hot things

Like coffee and tea. Or chicken broth and soups. And my old fashioned hot water bottle and my big wool blanket that was woven by my great-grandmother. When it's that cold outside, being warm and cozy is of the utmost importance. 


I had an "almost" cold back in early December but I've otherwise been healthy so far. Being sick is such a miserable state, and so many around me are sick. I really take my health as a gift! And speaking of which, I've recently started the Plexus Journey (for those who've heard that sentence before!). I'm still a little skeptical but I'm taking lots of note of the process and will let you know what comes out of this experiment! 

Of course, there are so many other little things that help save my life every day, but those are the main ones. What about you? Have you ever stopped to think about what it is that saves you're life right now?